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Supplying Retailers
We Supply Your Demand Glendale Horticulture is one of the largest producers and distributors of plants in the UK, operating out of 12 Nurseries across the country we supply over 18 million plants a year.

Supplying Retailers

Glendale Horticulture supply over 15 million plants per annum into the retail marketplace and are specialists in pack bedding, vegetables, herbs and volume perennials. We offer a wide range of hanging baskets and potted product built to your specification. We have the ability to grow new and traditional products in significant volume using many years of experience, and have a large capacity to produce to your exact requirements.

Glendale has a reputation within the market for delivering a high quality of plants in volume at the required time; it prides itself on its service to retail both small and large. They have a well-trained and knowledgeable sales force that have many years of experience and can work with you to deliver the correct package for your Garden Centre.

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