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Glendale Horticulture strengthens management team


Following the untimely death of Tony Hewitt, Executive Chairman of the Parkwood Group, in late December, Glendale Horticulture are taking action to reorganise and bolster the senior management team. “Tony had been actively involved in managing the business and it’s important that additional resource is added to the team to ensure we drive the business forward and exceed our commitments for the coming season” says Mike Brunskill, Director.

Andrew Bennett is being welcomed back to the business into the role of Sales Director. Andrew, who is well known in the industry, will contribute his substantial experience and key customer facing skills to the team while Munya Verenga now heads up the production team across the company. Other members of the senior management team include Mike Brunskill, a long-term senior executive in the Parkwood Group, Phil Denman who remains as Finance Director, Simon Pearson, who has been Non-Executive Director for two years and Tony Milne, who provides systems and process support to the business.

“Andrew will fill an important role for us during the coming season and with further positions being recruited to support the sales team we are looking forward to a strong performance in 2018. We have a clear strategy and the team and systems to really drive the business forward” says Mike Brunskill.